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LEESON Electric is part of the last remaining AMERICAN-owned motor Manufacturer of any consequence. LEESON offers 6,000 AC and DC Stock motors, gearmotors and control solutions...all built for industrial Use with the features demanded for new installation requirements and convenient retrofit and replacement. INVENTORY - We support our customers with 23 fully stocked warehouse facilities across the country including your local COMMERCE, CA location.

Servicing Southern California and Southern Nevada

Marathon has an extensive product line of AC& DC electric motors. Integral and fractional, general service, VFD Rated, HVAC, Pump Motors and Class 1 Div. 2 hazardous location. PMAC & PMDC Motors. Micro MAX™, Black MAX®, Blue MAX®, SyMax™

Servicing Southern California and Southern Nevada

Sprecher + Schuh offers a wide range of low-voltage industrial control products, including contactors, a variety of relays, starters, push buttons, disconnect switches, terminals, controllers, audio/visual indicators.

Servicing Southern California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada

Pfannenberg is the leading global manufacturer of enclosure thermal management equipment, and liquid cooling solutions for industry. Filterfans, AC units, heat exchangers, chillers.

Servicing Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada

Leading manufacture of power and signal interconnect products, PCB terminals and connectors, Power supplies, Industrial Ethernet
Programmable safety controllers, “PODIS” power distribution systems, and Heavy Duty Connectors

Meltric Corp. manufacturers high quality industrial and hazardous location plugs and receptacles including UL Listed devices which are used as a disconnect switch up to 200amp and 100HP

Servicing Southern California

• GracePort® Panel Interface Connectors are convenient access ports that allow you to safely bridge the risky gap between you and your PLC.
• GracePESDs® are Permanent Electrical Safety Devices that aid in mechanical and electrical LOTO. Products include Voltage Indicators, Voltage Portals and Safe Test Points.
• GraceSense™ IIoT smart devices make up our Predictive Maintenance System; a suite of continuous asset health monitoring technology.

Servicing Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada

Invertek is dedicated to providing easy to use AC drives for the control of electric motors in industrial automation applications around the world. Our AC variable frequency drives provide energy efficient control across a range of applications that include fans, pumps, industrial automation, HVAC building services and more. From fractional horsepower to 450 HP we can handle your demanding applications in production level environments requiring IP20, NEMA 12 or NEMA 4X variable frequency drives.

Bender Inc. is the leader in ground fault detection systems for increased electrical safety and reliability in electrical distribution systems.

E-T-A offers over current protection for the automation & process control industry. This includes Din Rail Mount Circuit Breakers, Din Rail Mount Socket Breakers, Fuse Replacement, and Intelligent Networked Power Distribution Systems.

TK manufactures an extensive range of industrial cables and connectivity solutions for industrial applications including motion control, renewable energy, and transportation. Icotronix, part of TK group, designs and manufacturers M23 connectors in Germany.   

Euchner is a leading manufacturer and innovator of safety switches and safety sensors for safeguarding people, machines and processes. Solutions for automation include joysticks, pendants and precision limit switches.

Servicing Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada

icotek, makers of smart cable management systems, has been developing high quality innovative solutions since 1995.  ictotek’s split cable glands and EMC solutions are ideal for todays mechanical engineering and plant construction industries.

ASO Safety. The world leader in both standard and custom designed safety edges, bumpers, safety mats and the associated monitoring relays.

FYH Bearing Units USA, Inc. is the oldest and largest manufacturer of mounted ball bearing units in Japan. They offer a broad range of 2-bolt, 4-bold, and pillow block (including their new SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING UNITS). They remain the only bearing manufacturer in the world who manufactures both the inserts and the housing under the same roof. FYH's quality controls allow them to maintain a "J" tolerance fit between the insert and housing resulting

Servicing Southern California

SNC Manufacturing builds dry type transformers and custom magnetics.  This includes industrial control, chokes, reactors, military grade, medium voltage, and toroidal transformers. Value added services: over molding, brackets, enclosures, and custom design assistance.

Atkore/Flexicon Cable management solutions, including metallic and non-metallic flex conduit and sleeving. Products to address robotic, Haz Loc, and hygienic applications.

Unique Piezo Electric interface products. From simple switch with 24VDC control, to exotic designs with software interface. Can literally be constructed out of any material, from stainless steel to ceramic, plastic, wood. Designs, can be submersible, corrosion resistant, hazardous rated, and can meet worldwide specifications.

Integra Enclosures is America's largest manufacturer of polycarbonate enclosures. These are lightweight, sturdy, impact resistant, and UV rated with sizes starting at 6" x 6" x 3" up through 24" x 24" x 10". Ratings consist of NEMA 3R, 4X, 6P, 12, 13, Marine Use, IP 66/68 protection.

Servicing Southern California

3-Phase monitors, "Signaline" multi-function timers, alternating relays, current monitors, voltage sensors (AC & DC), pump/motor load controls. Custom/OEM manufacturing also available.

Servicing Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada

PQC portolio includes MANGOLDT Line/Load Reactors, Input Harmonic Filters, Sine Wave/dv/dt Filters, L-C-L Filters, as well as FRAKO capacitors and related components used in addressing IEEE19 standards and other power quality concerns.

Best Purging Systems. Type Y & Z purging systems for electrical controls in Haz Loc applications. Includes cost effective direct product crosses to P&F/Bepco EPS standards.

FASCO has delivered the worlds most complete line of custom fractional horsepower motors, and blowers for almost 100 years. FASCO'S line of AC motors range in size from C-Frame and 3.3" motors to 56 frame Motors. FASCO offers one of the broadest ranges of air moving products in the world. Currently, FASCO designs and manufactures single and double centrifugal blowers, transverse-flow blowers and multi-stage blowers.

Servicing OEM's in Southern California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada

Genteq manufactures the residential and light commercial motors: ON, 3.0, 2.3, X13, 142R, PSC. Genteq also manufactures these aftermarket motors: Evergreen AH, Evergreen CM, Heatshield Multi-Horsepower, Energy Saver Plus, Direct Drive Fan & Blower, Condenser & Heat Pump, Unit Heater Fans, OEM Replacement Motors.

Servicing OEM's in Southern California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada

Morrill manufactures motors for evaporators and condensers with a wide range of technologies, from ECM to shaded-pole motors. Morrill provides solutions for commercial refrigeration equipment, vending machines, walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, pumps, bottle coolers, commercial freezers, commercial refrigerators, food service, condensers, and evaporators.

Servicing OEM's in Southern California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada